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In-person workshop

Future of healthcare management

This workshop provides insights into the future trends and challenges in healthcare management. Participants will explore topics such as value-based care, population health management, healthcare policy and regulation, and the role of technology in shaping the future of healthcare delivery and management
Metaverse and AI in healthcare
This workshop explores the potential of metaverse and AI technologies in revolutionizing healthcare delivery. Participants will gain an understanding of virtual and augmented reality applications, AI-driven diagnostics, and personalized medicine, and how these technologies can enhance patient care and outcomes

Social Media marketing in the healthcare system
This workshop focuses on leveraging social media platforms for effective marketing and communication within the healthcare industry. Participants will learn strategies for building an online presence, engaging with patients and communities, and utilizing social media analytics to drive marketing success


Workforce certificate
This online workshop offers participants the opportunity to earn a workforce certificate in a specific healthcare-related area. It provides comprehensive training and knowledge development tailored to the chosen field, equipping participants with the necessary skills to excel in their careers

Risk management in medical equipment
This workshop explores the importance of effective risk management practices in the context of medical equipment. Participants will learn about regulatory requirements, safety protocols, and best practices for ensuring the safe and reliable use of medical devices in healthcare settings

Technology and Innovation and Creativity in Healthcare
This online workshop emphasizes the role of technology and innovation in fostering creativity within the healthcare industry. Participants will learn about cutting-edge technologies, innovation frameworks, and strategies for fostering a culture of creativity and continuous improvement in healthcare organizations

Navigating the commercialization pathway: strategies for successfully bringing healthcare innovation to the market
This workshop focuses on the process of commercializing healthcare innovations, from ideation to market launch. Participants will gain insights into intellectual property protection, market analysis, funding strategies, and regulatory considerations, enabling them to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare innovation commercialization

NFT and web3 in the healthcare system
This workshop explores the potential applications of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Web3 technologies in the healthcare sector. Participants will learn about blockchain-based solutions, digital ownership of health data, and the potential impact of decentralized technologies on healthcare systems

This online workshop focuses on the rapidly evolving field of telehealth, exploring the use of technology to deliver remote healthcare services. Participants will learn about telemedicine platforms, regulatory considerations, best practices for telehealth consultations, and the benefits and challenges associated with virtual care delivery

Smart hospitals
This workshop delves into the concept of smart hospitals, where technology and data integration optimize healthcare processes and patient outcomes. Participants will learn about intelligent healthcare systems, IoT-enabled devices, data analytics, and how these technologies can enhance patient care, safety, and operational efficiency

Branding and marketing in healthcare
This online workshop provides a comprehensive understanding of branding and marketing strategies specifically tailored to the healthcare industry. Participants will learn about building a strong healthcare brand, effective marketing campaigns, digital marketing techniques, and patient engagement strategies

Digital marketing in healthcare
This workshop explores the various digital marketing channels and techniques that healthcare organizations can utilize to reach and engage with their target audience. Participants will learn about search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media advertising, and other digital marketing strategies relevant to the healthcare sector

Patient pathway
This online workshop offers an in-depth exploration of the patient pathway, focusing on optimizing patient experience and outcomes. Participants will learn about patient journey mapping, improving care coordination, patient engagement strategies, and leveraging technology to enhance the patient pathway

Predicting medical travelers from the foreign population, health statistics
This workshop explores the use of health statistics and data analysis techniques to predict and understand the behavior of medical travelers from foreign populations. Participants will learn about data analytics, statistical modeling, and how these tools can inform marketing strategies and healthcare service planning in the context of medical tourism

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